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VAT ID Validator

Effective VAT risk management

ASB Poland IT team has created a unique IT tool for verifying VAT numbers of both Polish and foreign contractors. VAT ID Validator quickly carries out the verification and generates VAT status confirmations, so you can confirm the status of the contractor at any time.

Due to the entry into force of the provisions on the transfer of JPK files, the tax risk that may arise from transactions with entities that are not registered for VAT increased significantly. It may complicate regular verification of the VAT status of companies` contractors.

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VAT ID Validator is an IT tool that provides:

Furthermore, VAT ID Validator:

Trial version

We offer you access to a free 30-day trial version. For this purpose, please contact Piotr Gzik via email at pgzik@asbgroup.eu or by phone +48 570 400 419.

Workshops and implementation

After purchasing the tool, we offer you implementation workshops for the entire team and technical support of our experienced specialists.

Why verification of the VAT numbers of your contractors is important?

Due to the introduction of compulsory monthly reporting in the JPK_VAT format, the risk of finding and challenging tax authorities of transactions with non-registered entities as active VAT payers increased significantly. Currently, many taxpayers spend a lot of time each month by manually checking the VAT status of their contractors.

The status of Polish taxpayers can be verified in the Ministry of Finance database, while the status of VAT taxpayers registered for intra-community transactions in the VIES database. With a large number of contractors this process can be laborious since changes in the VAT status of contractors should be carried out continuously, at least once a month, before submitting the VAT declaration and sending JPK_VAT. Verification of the VAT status of contractors at the beginning of cooperation and establishing a client in the accounting system is insufficient, because the taxpayer can be deregistered from VAT (at the request of a state office) without informing your company.

What are the tax risks of neglecting monthly VAT verification?

Without the continuous verification of the VAT status of contractors Companies are exposed to VAT tax risk, i.e. when purchasing from domestic contractors in the event of the contractor losing the status of an active VAT taxpayer, the company loses the right to deduct VAT from an invoice issued by such a contractor from another EU country, the Company has no right to apply a 0% VAT rate. The lack of proper verification procedures may lead to tax arrears, VAT and criminal penal sanctions. Please remember that according to the regulations, the companies have no right to deduct VAT from an invoice issued by inactive VAT taxpayer (Article 88 (4) of the VAT Act), and also that the 0% VAT rate for WDT can be used provided that the delivery was made to a VAT taxpayer from another EU country with a valid VAT number with the prefix of the EU country of the buyer's country.

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